Dubai Police Operations Degree Anti Nude Beaches in the Area

Dubai - Authority Dubai, United Arab Emirates is conducting operations on the shores of the Persian Gulf tourist area. Target operations are the ones who nude, basking in a state of topless (topless), and other forms of indecent behavior of others.

In operation the last few days, police have arrested 79 people. Similarly, as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper on Wednesday (07/16/2008).

In operation, an undercover and uniformed police patrolling the coasts. In addition to holding operation, the government of Dubai also launched a public campaign to remind Western tourists and foreign residents that the Arab countries is a conservative Muslim country.

Police have arrested 79 people during two weeks of operation. Their behavior is considered disturbing families enjoying the beauty of the beach. This was conveyed by Zuhair Haroun, a spokesman for Dubai's Criminal Investigation Department.

Aaron did not explain about the forms of behavior. But this operation began was launched just days after police detained two British citizens: a man and woman. Both were caught having sex on the beach.

Tourists in Dubai so far allowed to wear bikinis at the beach area. Thousands of European and Asian expatriates live and work in Dubai. Even the number of foreigners outnumber native Arab citizens in Dubai, the city business center and an increasingly popular tourist destination for Western tourists.

Mysterious girlfriend Rossi Revealed

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Valentino Rossi, MotoGP World Champion
Urbino-born rider Valentino Rossi, Italy February 16, 1979 was a successful racer in Grandprix motor racing world after the era Michael Doohan, with the title of world champion in four different classes which he achieved in a seven-year career.Bios
Name: Valentino Rossi
Born: Urbino, February 16, 1979
Citizen: Italy
Height, Weight: 180cm, 69kg
Career:1. In 1985 Go-kart first.2. Year 1989 60cc karting racing debut.3. Year 1990 60cc Champion regional karting championships, winning nine times.4. In 1991 Rank 5 in the Championship Junior go-kart Italy; first plunge in minimoto racing.5. In 1992 Italian minibike Champion Endurance.6. Ranking 12th in 1993 Italian 125cc Sport Production championship, with Cagiva motorcycles.7. In 1994 Italian 125cc Sport Production Champion, with Cagiva motorcycles.8. Tahun1995 125cc Italian national champion, ranked 3rd 125cc European Championship, ranked 11th in the Championship, the Spanish Open Aprilia 125cc all with a motor.9. Year 1996: Debut of the world championship in the 125cc Malaysian Grand Prix Aprilia Scuderia AGV. Championship position: position 9 with 111 points. One victory: Czech Republic.10. Year 1997: 125cc World Champion, the youngest of the 2nd team riding an Aprilia for the Nastro Azzurro Team. Final Championship position: first with 321 points. 11 wins: Malaysia, Spain, Italy, France, Netherlands, Imola, Germany, Brazil, Britain, Catalunya, and Indonesia.11. Year 1998: Move to the 250cc class riding an Aprilia for the Nastro Azzurro Team. Final Championship position: second with 201 points, 5 wins: the Netherlands, Imola, Catalunya, Australia and Argentina.12. Year 1999: Being the youngest 250cc world championship with the team riding for Aprilia Aprilia Grand Prix Racing. Final Championship position: first with 309 points, 9 wins: Spain, Italy, Catalunya, Great Britain, Germany, Czech Republic, Australia, South Africa, and Brazil.13. Year 2000: Rise again to the 500cc class riding a Honda for the Nastro Azzurro Team. Final Championship position: second with 209 points, 2 wins in England and Brazil.14. Year 2001: Takes the 500cc world title with riding a Honda for the Nastro Azzurro Team. Final Championship position: first with 325 points, 11 wins: Japan, South Africa, Spain, Catalunya, Great Britain, Czech, Putugal, Pacific, Australia, Malaysia, and Brazil.15. Year 2002: Wins MotoGP World Championship which was revised with a brand new riding a Honda RC211V for the Repsol Honda Team. Final Championship position: first with 355 points, a collection of 11 wins: Japan, Spain, France, Catalunya, Italy, Netherlands, UK, Germany, Portugal, Brazil, and Australia.16. Year 2003: Wins his second winner of the MotoGP World Championship for the Repsol Honda Team. Final Championship position: first with 357 points, a collection of 9 wins: Japan, Spain, Italy, Czech, Portugal, Rio, Malaysia, Australia, and Valencia.17. Year 2004: Move to the Gauloises Fortuna Yamaha YZR-M1 and drove back to win the MotoGP World Championship. Final Championship position: first with 304 points, 9 wins: South Africa, Italy, Catalunya, Netherlands, UK, Portugal, Malaysia, Australia, and Valencia.18. Year 2005: Wins world title a second for the Gauloises Fortuna Yamaha Team. Final Championship Position in Malaysia: the first with 281 points, 9 wins: Spain, China, France, Italy, Catalunya, Netherlands, UK, Germany, and Czech.
Awards:1. Title of the 1997 125cc World Champion2. World Champion in 1999 250cc3. World Champion in 2001 500cc4. Title of 2002 MotoGP World Champion5. Title of 2003 MotoGP World Champion6. Title of 2004 MotoGP World Champion7. Title of 2005 MotoGP World Champion
BIOGRAPHYUrbino-born rider Valentino Rossi, Italy February 16, 1979 was a successful racer in Grandprix motor racing world after the era Michael Doohan, with the title of world champion in four different classes which he achieved in a seven-year career.
The son of a former 250 cc Grand Prix racer Graziano Rossi, and Stefania Palma holds many records and accomplishments achieved beyond many seniors. Total racer this eccentric booked seven world titles, once in the 125cc class, once in the 250cc class, and five times in the top class, 500cc and MotoGP
Rossi was born to be a racer, he grew up in the environment is very supportive of his career. His father, Graziano Rossi was a great racer the days of the 1970's. Automatic environment he grows a thick atmosphere of racing. When the kids his age are preoccupied with the toys, Rossi played with a real racing motorcycle in the middle paddock famous racers or Loris Reggiani Luca Cadalora.
In his career along the GP Rossi always wore the number 46, he wore the number after watching the action of a Japanese wildcard racer numbered 46 in TV that impressed him. Moreover, the number is also used by Graziano Rossi, when his father won the first race with Morbidelli 1979. Currently, he is still wearing the number 46 kebanggaanya it and did not follow the world champion, former world champion who chose to change the number 1 after getting the title of world champion.
When I first joined the 500cc Gp team with ex Doohan, headed by an Australian reliable mechanic named Jerremy Burgess, paddock atmosphere strongly influenced temperament temperamental Doohan. All the mechanics and team staff looked serious and likely stressful. The atmosphere is made Rossi's ridiculous, he thought he could not imagine racing without being fun, then when he started winning, he was determined to celebrate mass, he said he just wanted to do something new, show emotion wins the match.
Since then, the party became his trademark victory. Not just with friends, as well as thousands of supporters who packed the circuit. By its actions, Rossi was like a magnet that attracts people to watch the GP. The lovers still remember the GP will give a lift action costumed fans who traveled chicken circuit, action fans who give a lift to dress the doctor, he also never ride a giant figure as a symbol of world champion, also the action of his wheelie and burnout are countless each victory. He also often gives kneepad or her hat to the fans by throwing while on the podium.
In the course of his racing rossi often change nickname and do things that attract attention and entertain. He reasoned that it was done starting with the intention of having fun and doing something funny.
Nickname Rossifumi Rossi created by his friend when Rossi race in the 125cc class this nickname created by Rossi impressed with the typical Japanese racer with long hair, Norick Abe who was then aged 17 years and a fierce battle with Michael Doohan and Kevin Scwantz 500cc class, because The original name of the Japanese rider Norifumi Abe then dubbed Rossifumi.Tahun 2004 Rossi Rossi and Abe are both defending Yamaha are in different teams but one graphic, that dominance was in the team colors biru.Rossi Gauloises Fortuna Yamaha Team, while Abe is ruled by the Fortuna Gauloises Tech 3 Yamaha Team.
Valentinik This name comes from the Daffy Duck cartoon character who becomes a superhero in Italy named Paperinik. The nickname was wearing at the time of the race in the 250cc class.
The Doctor After rising to the 500cc class at the 2000 season with Rossi calls himself The Doctor because of race in the 500cc class took the seriousness and she felt herself not a kid anymore, other than that he also liked the idea as a illmuwan crazy and doing experiments, he considered inappropriate to use nicknames that after getting the achievement as a world champion. He also began to reduce the victory celebration that he deems are not worth doing.
At the end of 2003 season 2004 season ahead of Valentino Rossi made a surprising decision. He decided to migrate from the team that defended the time it is the manufacturer team Honda, Repsol Honda HRC that have accompanied him won the world championship 2002 and 2003 and brought Doohan won the world champion 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 also became world champion Alex Criville 1999.
Rossi decided to leave the super team and chose to join the Yamaha team, who last won the world championship in 1992 by racer Wayne Rainey. Rossi did not move to Yamaha team alone, he also brought Jerremy Burgess, head of the mechanics who used to deal with Doohan and Criville. They conducted a series of tests to fix the motor technologies owned by Rossi's Yamaha YZR M1 to be able to rival the strongest bike in MotoGP at the time, owned Honda RC211V.
About this move, many are not expected and pessimistic he would be able to defend the champion title. But he dispelled all these pessimistic views. Even in the first series 2004 season in the GP Welkom, South Africa, he beat Max Biaggi riding a Honda motorcycle, albeit with a very tight fight, with Yamaha motor, the last on the podium in 1992 even in 2004 and 2005, becoming world champion Rossi with Yamaha and became the first Yamaha rider the most winners in a season (9 times champion Rossi in the season 2005).

Mysterious girlfriend Rossi Revealed

Johannesburg - Having long been a mystery, a lover Valentino Rossi finally revealed. Who's a lucky woman who got the heart of The Doctor?

Rossi heart idol turns out to be a woman who a few weeks ago he invited sailing on Conero Coast. At that time, some local media carried photographs of Rossi's intimate with a woman who was referred to as "mysterious topless woman. "

The topless women Rossi girlfriend was right. His name is Mireia Vila, do not like Rossi who holds an Italian passport, black-haired women aged 28 years came from Spain.

Do not know how they can know each other. However, as reported by Alice, the two met when Rossi was visiting Ibizia, an island tourist destination in Spain is famous for its nightlife and beaches nudisnya.

In an interview with the Today Magazine, Mireia even admitted that he was having an affair with Rossi since five years ago. Within the story of love both of them, which is now engaged status, did not smell as a journalist until barely audible news.

"This love story is time unknown. In the five years he made me like feel alone, but he assured me if I am to be always loved," said Mireia.

Eva Mendes does not want to show off breasts

Los Angeles Stars film 'The Spirit' Eva Mendez is known often to look sexy. However, Eva admits she did not carelessly to berseksi ria. Moreover, to show off her breasts sexy.

"I do not wear clothes that are slit lower chest," Eva said as quoted from Femalefirst, Tuesday (11/25/2008).

If talking about her tits, Eva has its own designation. He calls the special body with the name 'women. "

"sister (breast-ed) me a little show at certain times only, do not I show off. Only for special moments," he explained.

Somehow Eva's version was a matter of special moments. Certainly, the 34-year actress has appeared topless topless alias when the cover of Vogue Italia edition May 2008. He also never acted nude in a campaign for animal organizations.

Via phone, Teachers 'Exhibition' Dada to the Student Foto

Texas - A Sunday school teacher (of worship for the children) who have now resigned to teach at the church, was arrested on charges of distributing indecent material to children via mobile phone.

The case was uncovered following the discovery topless photos (topless) the teacher by the parents of a student, on mobile phones their son who was 14 years old.

It is Victoria Ann Chacon, 27, who is also a former teacher of a secondary school in Somerset, allegedly to establish a special relationship with the boy at the church where he taught Sunday school.

Previously, on 27 March, the child's parents never find a love letter from Chacon. The incident was then reported to the police. But the boy refused when he in a relationship with the teacher.

Then on July 10, again the boy's parents complained to police after finding a cell phone, where there was bare-chested photo Chacon. The cell phone known to belong Chacon and the boy so he could phone-teleponan.

Quoted from Mysanantonio, Friday (21/11/2008), Chacon was arrested Tuesday. He has also resigned from the Somerset Independent School District since March 14.

On the other hand, a spokesman for Somerset Independent School District Maury Vasquez said they did not know anything if Chacon had an inappropriate relationship with one of his pupils at the school.

Britney Spears Nude For Charity

Singer Britney Spears has its own way of charity. Britney chose to pose nude for a painting and the painting was auctioned off to help those in need.

Britney is really appear naked in a painting by artist Daniel Maltzman it. He was wearing only a pair of knickers to adorn his feet. While his body was not a single strand of yarn attached.

The painting will be auctioned off to be donated to The Promises Foundation. The foundation helps mothers on low incomes and their children.

Painting signed by Britney was auctioned on eBay. Until now the highest price for the painting bargaining is U.S. $ 12.2 thousand. Diharpkan meninggkat bargaining price to $ 15 thousand. Such as quoted from Female First, on Friday (26/09/2008).

Previously a painting chanter 'Gimme More' was also auctioned on eBay. The painting was auctioned off no less controversy because the painting contains pose topless Britney.

Shown in Rutan, Ariel Not Bring New Song

Ariel needs a little 'launch' his voice after all this time does not sing on stage. While other personnel Peterpan mengiringnya before appearing on the environmental plan Rutan Kedung Waru, Bandung.

Defendant case porn videos that will entertain the residents of Detention (Rutan) Kebon Waru New Bandung, on Tuesday (01/04), at the top event Waru Cup 2011, which inter-team futsal competition Rutan residents.

"Ariel will perform with his band in order to enliven the top of Waru Cup event of 2011," said Chief Rutan Kebon Waru Bandung, Suharman.

Appearances Ariel and his band will take place on the tennis court Rutan Kebon Waru Bandung. A stage measuring 5x7 meters standing on the tennis court Rutan Kebon Waru.

Selain Ariel and his band, senior dangdut singer Camelia Malik and daughter also appeared in Rutan Kebon Waru Bandung.

Meanwhile, Peter Budi Soeratman Manager, says, Ariel is not going to bring a new song that has not been released in the event.

"Peter is not going to bring new tracks and will bring two songs that never hits," said Budi.

Until 11:00 am, Ariel appears to still prepare themselves in the Sub Section Bim Kebon Waru with other personnel, Uki, Lukman and Reza. Ariel wore a white long sleeve shirt patterned boxes, visible from afar is trying his voice.

ENGLISH LEAGUE Dilemma Between Fergie and Rooney Chicharito

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson admitted he was indeed a dilemma who should he send down between Wayne Rooney and Javier Hernandez in the main squad for the Red Devils.

Chicharito again contributed a goal in the match against Stoke City is ending 2-1 to Chelsea. Goal was a ninth goal this season, and scored the game-2 of 4 terkahirnya with The Red Devils.

Dilemma Alex Ferguson last night slightly diminished because Wayne Rooney is having a little problem in his ankle before the game.

"That is a problem that came up to me over the years, the attackers who I have always given me problems," said Ferguson when asked by Sky Sports about the dilemma.

"If Chico continues to score goals, obviously it makes it more difficult."

Regarding changes in the composition of his team he did early this morning, Fergie explains it he did in order to maintain motivation to keep foster children could maintain the top. "I made a few changes tonight to make the team stay motivated and also give them time to play since January will be a big month for us," he explained.