ENGLISH LEAGUE Dilemma Between Fergie and Rooney Chicharito

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson admitted he was indeed a dilemma who should he send down between Wayne Rooney and Javier Hernandez in the main squad for the Red Devils.

Chicharito again contributed a goal in the match against Stoke City is ending 2-1 to Chelsea. Goal was a ninth goal this season, and scored the game-2 of 4 terkahirnya with The Red Devils.

Dilemma Alex Ferguson last night slightly diminished because Wayne Rooney is having a little problem in his ankle before the game.

"That is a problem that came up to me over the years, the attackers who I have always given me problems," said Ferguson when asked by Sky Sports about the dilemma.

"If Chico continues to score goals, obviously it makes it more difficult."

Regarding changes in the composition of his team he did early this morning, Fergie explains it he did in order to maintain motivation to keep foster children could maintain the top. "I made a few changes tonight to make the team stay motivated and also give them time to play since January will be a big month for us," he explained.   www.bola.net


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