Eva Mendes does not want to show off breasts

Los Angeles Stars film 'The Spirit' Eva Mendez is known often to look sexy. However, Eva admits she did not carelessly to berseksi ria. Moreover, to show off her breasts sexy.

"I do not wear clothes that are slit lower chest," Eva said as quoted from Femalefirst, Tuesday (11/25/2008).

If talking about her tits, Eva has its own designation. He calls the special body with the name 'women. "

"sister (breast-ed) me a little show at certain times only, do not I show off. Only for special moments," he explained.

Somehow Eva's version was a matter of special moments. Certainly, the 34-year actress has appeared topless topless alias when the cover of Vogue Italia edition May 2008. He also never acted nude in a campaign for animal organizations.      www.detikhot.com


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