8 of Dating, Mila Kunis - Macaulay Culkin End!

Although successful in his career, apparently the same success does not happen in the story of love Mila Kunis. The actress who became one of Golden Globe nominees are reportedly split from lover who has dipacarinya for 8 years, Macaulay Culkin.

BLACK SWAN Parting the star and the former child actor this happened several months before undergoing Mila promotional film. Even this news was confirmed by a spokesman for both.

"Parting is inevitable, but they remain close friends," said the spokesman.

According to the sources, the couple had broken up several months ago, but agreed not to mengabarkannya because promotional film that lived Mila. Marriage is mentioned as a reason for this parting lovers, because it was not ready to undergo Mila households with HOME ALONE star who is now aged 30 this year.

"Not that I do not believe in marriage, but not so one important thing to me. But I'll have children, only now I'm too selfish to have children. Even if I had kids, I do not feel compelled to get married. I just need someone in my life who would take care of and my children. That's it, "explained Kunis to one of the media in December 2009 set.


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