Britney Spears Nude For Charity

Singer Britney Spears has its own way of charity. Britney chose to pose nude for a painting and the painting was auctioned off to help those in need.

Britney is really appear naked in a painting by artist Daniel Maltzman it. He was wearing only a pair of knickers to adorn his feet. While his body was not a single strand of yarn attached.

The painting will be auctioned off to be donated to The Promises Foundation. The foundation helps mothers on low incomes and their children.

Painting signed by Britney was auctioned on eBay. Until now the highest price for the painting bargaining is U.S. $ 12.2 thousand. Diharpkan meninggkat bargaining price to $ 15 thousand. Such as quoted from Female First, on Friday (26/09/2008).

Previously a painting chanter 'Gimme More' was also auctioned on eBay. The painting was auctioned off no less controversy because the painting contains pose topless Britney.


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