Resolution No Ussy Sulistiawaty in Year 2011

New Year 2011 is in sight, but no resolution Ussy Sulistyawati want digapainya. She felt everything was in hand.

"Nah there (resolution), everything is. Nah there kepengenan. Yes most God willing, the album does in March or February of next year out, "said Ussy met in FX, Jalan Sudirman, Jakarta, Thursday (12/16/2010).

The widow of one child among those who are not too ambitious to achieve things. Throughout this year, said Ussy, no dream is not achieved and will melt away.

"That has not been achieved there is baseball. Because I'm not the one who planned everything. If there come on, if baseball is so already. So baseball is willing to plan anything, so what so. I feel so far everything's fine, "explained Ussy.

That includes a career in business and romance. Primary Andhika lover is already quite satisfied with the acquisition of his career.

"smooth-smooth career course. Maybe it's because baseball has an obsession, so yes've lived alone. So is romance, casual, baseball is nothing planned, "said Pratt's Andhika lover.


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