Shown in Rutan, Ariel Not Bring New Song

Ariel needs a little 'launch' his voice after all this time does not sing on stage. While other personnel Peterpan mengiringnya before appearing on the environmental plan Rutan Kedung Waru, Bandung.

Defendant case porn videos that will entertain the residents of Detention (Rutan) Kebon Waru New Bandung, on Tuesday (01/04), at the top event Waru Cup 2011, which inter-team futsal competition Rutan residents.

"Ariel will perform with his band in order to enliven the top of Waru Cup event of 2011," said Chief Rutan Kebon Waru Bandung, Suharman.

Appearances Ariel and his band will take place on the tennis court Rutan Kebon Waru Bandung. A stage measuring 5x7 meters standing on the tennis court Rutan Kebon Waru.

Selain Ariel and his band, senior dangdut singer Camelia Malik and daughter also appeared in Rutan Kebon Waru Bandung.

Meanwhile, Peter Budi Soeratman Manager, says, Ariel is not going to bring a new song that has not been released in the event.

"Peter is not going to bring new tracks and will bring two songs that never hits," said Budi.

Until 11:00 am, Ariel appears to still prepare themselves in the Sub Section Bim Kebon Waru with other personnel, Uki, Lukman and Reza. Ariel wore a white long sleeve shirt patterned boxes, visible from afar is trying his voice.


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