Lee Min-Ho Finally Able New Couple

Apparently handsome Korean actor Lee Min-ho (22), starring Go Jun-pyo in Boys Over Flowers, has steadily become the main actor in MBC's new drama production that was adapted from a novel Personal Taste. Lee Min-ho will play as a young man who pretends to be gay in order to stay with a woman who would not accept normal men as roommates.

That attract attention because the character of the woman will be played by sad-faced actress Son Ye-jin (28) which involved more recently on the big screen like films like My Wife Got Married and the latest thriller Into White Night with Go Soo. The last television drama Alone In Love starred is made in 4 years ago (2006).

Son Ye-jin in Personal Taste will play the character of Park Kae-in, a woman aged late 20's who is the designer furniture. Kae-in is a woman who once believed so easily betrayed guy. Because often betrayed a normal guy, then Kae-ins want to have a gay friend who is considered not going to betray him.

Well, the plot of this drama will develop when one day Kae-ins get housemates Jeon Jin-ho (Lee Min-ho), which he considers are gay men. Jeon Jin-hoo normal actually secretly in love with Kae put-in, even though the woman had begun to believe it without realizing their relationship is built on lies. Personal Taste drama is scheduled to begin running in MBC in April 2010


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