Gossip Miyabi Death?

Miyabi death is a topic that is most hotly discussed at the micro-blogging site Twitter, but it really news that mentions miyabi killed it, and what caused the death of miyabi let us find out the truth of the news, if true origin japanese adult film star has been closed age
Before its also been heard gossip miyabi died of HIV AIDS in 2008 and in 2009 the past, but all the news is merely a hoax, after gossip is passed later in the twitter back on preaching about the death of maria ozawa aka miyabi
Some users of Twitter chatter about the news Miyabi died. On average, they start to post as much at 21.00 pm.

For example, the account owner ayusastrii. "Definitely not know the child facebook gossip miyabi died," he wrote on Sunday (09/19/2010).

But then there are also questioning the truth of the news. "Miyabi not signed in TT? Means hoaxes time well,"wrote the account owner hyorine_.

Since appearing in the film Indonesia Kidnapping Miyabi, Maria Ozawa owner's full name was published a twitter account directly from your iPhone or Blackberry posted hers.

But during a visit to a Twitter account, Miyabi is still active post activities. One of them, Miyabi is still watching the game between Manchester United versus Liverpool.

"YNWL Liverpool! via http://4sq.com/dDiUKl," he wrote via foursquare as much at 21.00 pm, during the Premier League is broadcast live."WTF! *_* 3-2 come on Liverpool! #YWNWL," he wrote later.

Seeing the activity on Twitter, news Maria Ozawa aka Miyabi's death could be ascertained Hoax. News like this is often circulated in cyberspace
Apparently the news is just gossip miyabi died just as happened in previous years, but when news of the rev died emang true


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