Dubai Police Operations Degree Anti Nude Beaches in the Area

Dubai - Authority Dubai, United Arab Emirates is conducting operations on the shores of the Persian Gulf tourist area. Target operations are the ones who nude, basking in a state of topless (topless), and other forms of indecent behavior of others.

In operation the last few days, police have arrested 79 people. Similarly, as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper on Wednesday (07/16/2008).

In operation, an undercover and uniformed police patrolling the coasts. In addition to holding operation, the government of Dubai also launched a public campaign to remind Western tourists and foreign residents that the Arab countries is a conservative Muslim country.

Police have arrested 79 people during two weeks of operation. Their behavior is considered disturbing families enjoying the beauty of the beach. This was conveyed by Zuhair Haroun, a spokesman for Dubai's Criminal Investigation Department.

Aaron did not explain about the forms of behavior. But this operation began was launched just days after police detained two British citizens: a man and woman. Both were caught having sex on the beach.

Tourists in Dubai so far allowed to wear bikinis at the beach area. Thousands of European and Asian expatriates live and work in Dubai. Even the number of foreigners outnumber native Arab citizens in Dubai, the city business center and an increasingly popular tourist destination for Western tourists.


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